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The 3rd fan-made BattleBots tournament.

1. Fights shown are from oldest (bottom) to newest (top).
Round 19 (Finals): Dr. Indestructible vs. Slicing n' Dicing
Fight Details: SnD attacks Dr. Indestructible and loses one of his two nuts holding the axle for his weapon while Dr. Indestructible remains unscathed. SnD manages to get Dr. Indestructible onto his side and takes him towards the Pulverizors. SnD then loses the second nut for the axle to his weapon. The rest of the match is a pushing match as Dr. Indestructible remains on his side but as time runs out, Dr. Indestructible ends up on his backside and SnD lands on his nose, disabled. The Judges nonetheless award SnD the win!
Round 18: Hazard vs. Ronin
Fight Details: Ronin and Hazard meet in the arena center and Hazard loses half of his wedge. Hazard attacks Ronin and Ronin lands on his flags, which Ronin self-rights. By this time, Hazard's wedge is completely useless. Ronin somehow manages to flip Hazard over but Hazard self-rights. At one point, Hazard and Ronin clash into one another and become stuck together. Hazard frees himself using the arena wall. Ronin finds himself on his side with the wedge from Hazard underneath him, therefore, preventing him from righting but Hazard helps him out with seconds left in the match. Ronin is declared the winner by Judges Decision!
Round 17: New Cruelty vs. Dr. Indestructible
Fight Details:
Both bots come out of their squares and attack one another. Dr. Indestructible loses his third wheel but is able to continue on two wheels. Dr. Indestructible backs under the Pulverizors. Dr. Indestructible and NC continue to ram one another with Dr. Indestructible landing on his inverted side a few times. Shortly after, Dr. Indestructible and NC hit one another with such force that NC lands on his side and is unable to move. He is counted out, giving Dr. Indestructible the win by KO!
Round 16(Semis): Hazard vs. Deadblow
Fight Details: Hazard and Deadblow attack one another and DB loses one of the two axils to his weapon. DB attempts to use his weapon as a shield against Hazard but it doesn't work. DB gets flipped by Hazard but manages to tip himself back over. At one point, DB lands in such a way that his weapon is outside the arena and cannot get him back over but surprisingly, he succeeds. The rest of the match is nothing but attacks as time runs out. Hazard wins the Judges Decision!
Round 15: Tazbot vs. Ronin
Fight Details: Tazbot comes at Ronin with his rotating pickaxe and both bots land near the Pulverizors. Tazbot struggles to get back over and eventually succeeds. Ronin continues to be flipped onto his side and he self-rights. Tazbot hits Ronin with such force that he lands with his treads outside the arena and the rest of his body is facing the arena wall while on top of his wedge. Just when it looks like he's out, the Pulverizors knock him back over. Following this, Ronin rams Tazbot so hard that Tazbot's main body and bottom half are separated and he himself becomes disabled for the moment. Time runs out and Ronin manages to get back onto his treads. By Judges Decision, Ronin is declared the winner!
Round 14: Ziggo vs. Ronin
Fight Details:
Both bots come at one another and for a moment it looks like both bots are out but they manage to right themselves and continue. As the match continues, Ronin takes a hit from the Killsaws. Ziggo manages to deal some damage to Ronin so that Ronin's weapon becomes disabled. Ziggo lands on his side but is able to right himself once more. Ronin attacks Ziggo and lands on his side but, like Ziggo, is able to self-right. After a few more hits, Ziggo finds himself on his side but in such a way that his "righting flag" doesn't touch the arena floor but gets help from the Pulverizors. With a minute remaining in the match, Ronin gets Ziggo outside the arena wall so that Ziggo cannot right himself and is counted out. Ronin wins by KO!
Round 13: Bad Attitude vs. Grendel
Fight Details: Grendel and Bad Attitude take aim at one another and Grendel attacks with his hammer but misses. Shortly after, Grendel finds himself upside down with his back end facing the arena wall and fails to right but slips through the wall and is put back into the arena.  Throughout the match, BA suffers major damage but still manages to press onward. Grendel loses the ability to drive forward and can now only drive in circles. He tries to get away but the Pulverizors pound on him ferociously, though dealing very little damage. Time runs out as BA pushes Grendel under the Pulverizors. BA wins by Judges Decision!
Round 12: Vlad the Inhaler vs. Atomic Wedgie
Fight Details: Both bots charge out of their squares and attack one another, dealing partial damage. Vlad attacks and knocks Question Mark's top off. Question Mark takes more damage, losing a side panel. Vlad attacks again and only manages to push Question Mark's second side panel back into place. He charges again and pops it back out again. Question Mark attacks Vlad and Vlad goes up and over Question Mark and lands on his back. After self-righting, he lunges towards Question Mark and ends up on his backside with his self-righting side panels open and is counted out. Question Mark wins by KO!
Round 11: Hazard vs. Mechavore
Fight Details:
Both bots casually approach one another. Mechavore attacks Hazard only to have Hazard push him around. MV seems to be having minor difficulties driving but still manages to get around. Hazard is then flipped over but has the ability to run since his rear wheels touch the arena floor. MV is then flipped over and Hazard pushes him under the Pulverizors and MV self-rights. After a few more hits, both bots are beginning to "break apart" but still are able to attack one another. MV's blade becomes disabled and slowly starts turning towards the arena floor. Both bots continue attacking and taking minor damage. With a minute remaining, both bots become stuck in the corner of the Pulverizors, which try but cannot free the two bots as time runs out. The judges award Hazard a narrow win over Mechavore.
Round 10: Diesector vs. Deadblow
Fight Details: Diesector and Deadblow attack one another from their squares. Deadblow takes DS to the Pulverizors. After repetitive attacking, DB's wedge is starting to bend upwards and DS is now on his back but is designed to run inverted. Later, DS's claws become wedged upwards, preventing him from getting at DB. Time runs out with neither bot suffering much damage. Deadblow is declared the winner by Judges Decision.
Round 9: Tazbot vs. Killerhurtz
Fight Details: The match opens as Tazbot comes at Killerhurtz with his pickaxe. Throughout the match, both bots take shots from the arena hazards and their opponent. Killerhurtz manages to get under Tazbot and flip him over but Tazbot is designed to self-right and does so. More attacks on one another follow as Tazbot loses the pickaxe attachment. Killerhurtz also loses his weapon later on. Time expires and both bots remain functional. By Judges Decision, Tazbot wins the match!
Round 8: New Cruelty vs. The Judge
Fight Details:
Both bots attack one another only to end up in a stand off. This happens repeatedly throughout the match. Finally, New Cruelty manages to tip The Judge over and pushes him under the Pulverizors, which deal no damage. TJ somehow manages to get himself back over and resume the match. At this point, TJ's weapon comes off, disabling his ability to right himself when flipped over. As the match winds down, TJ is finally flipped over and is unable to continue, giving NC the win by KO!
Round 7: Atomic Ginsu vs. Vlad the Inhaler
Fight Details: As the match opens up, AG is taken to the Pulverizors, which attempt to pound him but the hammer completely snaps off. AG is unscathed and continues the match. He clashes with Vlad and tries to lift him up but fails. Vlad comes at AG and manages to flip him over but AG is designed to run inverted. This time, AG attacks Vlad and flips him over and Vlad rights himself. The bots clash again and this time, Vlad's lifting forks are caught in AG's lifter and AG lifts him up and escorts him to the Pulverizors. AG manages to lift Vlad up again and take him to the Pulverizors. Vlad unfortunately ends up on his back end and is unable to knock himself back over, giving AG the win by KO!
Round 6: Chaos 2 vs. Atomic 2
Fight Details: Chaos 2 and Atomic 2 meet in the arena's center and Chaos 2 attempts to flip Atomic 2 over but fails. He continues trying to flip him over and eventually sends Atomic 2's top completely off. After endless attempts to flip Atomic 2 over, he succeeds. With Atomic 2's sides open, Chaos 2 attacks and removes both sides completely! Chaos 2 wins by KO!
Round 5: Vlad the Inhaler vs. Mecha Tentomushi 8.0
Fight Details:
Vlad and Tentomushi come charging at one another but surprisingly, no damage is done. Both bots take damage from the hazards. Then they go back to attacking one another but to no avail. This continues throughout a good portion of the match. Finally, Vlad is flipped over but self-rights. Vlad attacks again and flips Tent over but Tent self-rights. The match rages on as Tent is flipped over in such a way that her "clamping top" is on the outside and cannot right herself. Vlad pushes her under the Pulverizors, which nail a solid hit on Tent's weapon, completely disabling it and she is counted out. Vlad wins by KO!
Round 4: Question Mark vs. Atomic Wedgie
Fight Details: Both bots come at one another with such force that half of Question Mark's armor comes flying off and Atomic Wedgie's top and one side panel are "torn" off. The explosive hits continue as another of Question Mark's panels come off. The hit flips Question Mark over in such a way that he cannot self-right using his armor plates. Question Mark pushes him onto the Killsaws, which help Question Mark out by getting him back onto his wheels. Following this, Question Mark is flipped over but self-rights. Just before time runs out, Question Mark knocks the last of Question Mark's armor off and Question Mark stops moving, giving Question Mark the win by KO!
Round 3: Dr. Indestructible vs. Minion 2
Fight Details: Minion 2 and Dr. Indestructible approach one another and attack but no damage is done. Again they attack but no damage. After this, both bots ram one another and Dr. Indestructible loses a wheel. He and M2 clash once more and Dr. Indestructible almost KOs himself but barely manages to continue but somehow he manages to hit Minion 2's "motor switch" to off and wins by KO!
Round 2: Atomic Ginsu vs. Dr. Infernonferno Jr.
Fight Details:
Dr Inferno Jr. gets under Atomic Ginsu and takes him towards the Pulverizors. AG tries to get under Dr. Inferno but cannot. He tries again and again is pushed under the Pulverizors by Dr. Inferno. The Pulverizor hammer slams directly on AG and gets stuck for a brief moment. AG rams Dr. Inferno so hard that he flips Dr. Inferno over and completely disables him, giving AG the victory.
Round 1: Vlad the Inhaler vs. Spinner of Terror
Fight Details: Both bots advance toward one another and attack but to no avail. They continue to attack one another but still nothing. Finally, Vlad manages to get Spinner of Terror onto his topside but ST rights himself. Later in the match, after more tipping ST over, both bots clash again and Vlad loses a side panel. Not long after that, ST loses one of his two mini blades on his spinning blade. Time runs out with no additional damage to either bot. By Judges Decision, VI is awarded the victory.