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My Robot Wars Fight Summaries (Page 1)

Round 1 (Finals): Wheelchair bot V Lifter
Fight Details: Lifter immediately gets under WB and flips him over. WB tries gets under Lifter and slams him into the rail Lifer comes back and flips WB back over. He does it repeatedly throughout the match. With seconds remaining, Lifter sends WB into the Pit. Lifter is the Robot Wars champion!
Round 1: R.I.P. V Lifter
Fight Details: R.I.P. and Lifter charge towards one another and miss. R.I.P. sends Lifter flying across the arena floor. Lifter comes back and attempts to lift R.I.P. over but cannot. R.I.P. again hits Lifter and sends him skating across the arena. Lifter, this time, manages to get underneath R.I.P. and tips him over but R.I.P. has a self-righter and gets back on his wheels. R.I.P. activates the Pit and sends Lifter across the arena but lands in the Pit in the process, earning Lifter the win!
Round 2: Quarter Pounder V Wheelchair bot
Fight Details: QP and WB clash in the arena's center but neither one is able to get underneath the other. They attack again but still can't take control of the heat. WB sends QP across the arena. QP recovers and continues. He gets underneath WB and flips him over and into the CPZs where Sir Killalot is hungry for some scrap metal. WB escapes and takes QP into the same CPZ and QP escapes. With just about a minute remaining in the match, WB sends QP across the arena once more and eventually gets him into the Pit.
Round 3 (Semis): Lifter V Spin2Win
Fight Details: Lifter and Spin2Win come at one another but don't deal much damage. Lifter gets underneath Spin2Win and tips him over but Spin2Win rights himself. It then becomes a back and forth shoving and hitting heat. Lifter once again tips Spin2Win over but not so that he is on his back but instead on his side. He then activates the Pit and as he does so, Spin2Win tips onto his back and rights himself. In a last ditch effort to win the heat, Spin2Win finally gets underneath Lifter and takes him to the Pit but instead falls in himself.
Round 1: Mauler V Spin2Win
Fight Details: Mauler and Spin2Win come out attacking and Mauler is pushed into the rail. After a back and forth battle, Spin2Win sends Mauler flying into the rail, temporarily wedging him and activating the Pit. Refbot begins to count Mauler out but Mauler frees himself. The next hit sends Mauler onto his top but he is able to self-right and resumes fighting. With just seconds remaining in the heat, Mauler gets pushed into the Pit.
Round 2: Micro Chaos V Wheelchair Bot
Fight Details: This was so far the quickest heat seen in my tournament! Immediately into the heat, Micro Chaos is tipped on his side, unable to right himself. WB goes and activates the Pit release and without much hesitation, pushes Micro Chaos into the Pit.
Round 3: Over Kill V Quarter Pounder
Fight Details: As Over Kill rams QP, he is flipped over but is able to run inverted and continues. QP activates the Pit. Over Kill sends QP into the rails but QP frees himself. Over Kill is then flipped right-side up. He then tries to send QP into the Pit but fails. QP is then flipped over by Over Kill but rights himself and keeps going. Over Kill then smacks QP and sends him into the rails, where he is caught on the  rail supports but breaks free. Afterwards, Over Kill hits QP hard and he sends his opponent hard into the CPZs but QP bounces away from Sgt. Bash. QP then pushes Over Kill into the Pit for the win.
Round 1: Bender V Quarter Pounder
Fight Details: Both robots casually approach. QP flips Bender over but Bender is designed to self-right and does so. QP flips Bender over once more and again Bender self-rights. Bender comes at QP and both robots go flying backwards but are able to resume battling. Both robots slam one another and again go flying in opposite directions. Bender at one point is tipped on his side, unable to move. QP then activates the Pit Release Button. QP attempts to push him into the Pit but only tips Bender back over. Bender races towards QP and is sent flying upside down near the pit. Finally, Bender is pushed into the pit, giving QP the win.
Round 2: R.I.P.(Rest In Pieces) V  S.A.W (Super Aggressive Warrior)
Fight Details: R.I.P. and S.A.W. meet in the arena center and S.A.W. is turned on his side. R.I.P. tries to deal damage but only gets S.A.W. back onto his wheels. S.A.W. attacks R.I.P. but loses a wheel in the process and is tipped back onto his side. R.I.P. takes out S.A.W.'s remaining wheel, thus knocking him out and giving R.I.P. the win.
Round 3: Lifter V Angler
Fight Details: Lifter and Angler clash in the center of the arena and Lifer is flipped over but able to self-right. Lifter uses his lifting arm to grab Angler and activates the Pit. Angler gets underneath Lifter and races towards the Pit in an attempt to put him in but Angler himself falls in, giving Lifter the win.
Round 1: Micro Chaos V. Razler
Fight Details: Razler and Micro Chaos clash in the center. Micro Chaos pushes Razler on his side but Razler rights himself. This cycle continues until both robots hit the Pit Release Button. Razler gets a hold of Micro Chaos and attempts to push him in but Micro Chaos is too quick for him and slips away. Micro Chaos manages to send Razler out of the arena but Razler is put back in and the battle resumes. As Micro Chaos tries to push Razler into the pit, he and Razler fall in. Both robots are placed back on the arena floor. Micro Chaos finally manages to get Razler into the pit, earning himself the victory.
Round 2: X-treme Destruction V. Wheelchair Bot
Fight Details: Like the previous battle, both robots clash in the arena's center. WB gets XT on his side but XT gets back up. XT tries repeatedly to get underneath WB but only ends up having WB get under him. WB pushes XT into the Corner Patrol Zones (CPZs) where XT becomes disabled and Refbot counts him out. Sir Killalot and Sergeant Bash release the pit while Killalot maneuvers XT to the flipper, which almost puts him into the pit but Killalot finishes the job.
Round 3: Anto vs. Over Kill
Fight Details: Over Kill and Anto come at one another and Anto is immediately tipped over, yet Anto has the ability to self-right and does so. Over Kill activates the Pit then tries to come at Anto with his blade and manages to tip him onto his back, where once again Anto rights himself. Over Kill makes one final attempt to immobilize Anto but only manages to put himself into the Pit, ending the match.