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My Robot Wars Tournaments (Page 3)

Round 1 (Semis): Your Worst Knightmare V Razler
Fight Details: Razler gets underneath Your Worst Knightmare and rams him into the rails. YWK tries to push Razler around but is pushed almost over the rails by Razler. He spins his wheels in a vague attempt to put himself back into the arena but falls off the arena rails and Razler is declared the winner.
Round 2: (Finals): Razler V Bender
Fight Details: Razler attacks Bender but cannot get underneath him and is pushed into Refbot. Bender rams Razler and is pushed into Refbot. He flips Razler over and Razler lands with his crushing beak pointing towards the arena wall and has trouble self-righting until he finally manages to do so. Razler sends Bender sliding across the arena floor and into the rails but Bender frees himself. With seconds remaining, Razler activates the Pit but cannot get Bender into the Pit in time. By a close Judges Decision, Razler is declared the winner and is the Robot Wars Champion!!!
Round 1: Grappler V Your Worst Knightmare
Fight Details: Both robots clash in the arena's center. Grappler raises his weapon to somehow block Your Worst Knightmare's spinning blade and it works! YWK sends Grappler sliding across the arena's center onto his back to which Grappler self-rights. Both robots become locked together so Refbot frees them and Grappler activates the Pit. After several moments of near misses, Grappler is pushed into the Pit.
Round 2: Quarter Pounder V Razler
Fight Details: Razler and Quarter Pounder clash in the center of the arena. Neither robot is able to flip the other over but Razler sends QP across the arena. QP lifts up his weapon and is flipped over by Razler. QP self-rights and is again flipped by Razler. Finally, it's QP's turn. He flips Razler over onto his side to which Razler self-rights. Razler tries to strike back but QP flips him once more. QP activates the Pit and as time runs out, Razler again sends QP across the arena floor. By a 26-15 Judges Decision, Razler is declared the winner!
Round 3: Over Kill V Bender
Fight Details: Over Kill flips Bender over but Bender self-rights. Bender tries to attack Over Kill but once more is flipped over. Over Kill makes an attempt to flip Bender over but doesn't succeed. Bender finally manages to flip Over Kill over but Over Kill is designed to run either way. Over Killattacks Bender with his weapon and sends him flying into the air. Bender activates the Pit. Over Kill tries to push Bender into the Pit but falls in himself.
Round 1: Micro Chaos V Bender
Fight Details: Bender and Micro Chaos advance towards one another but are unable to flip their opponent over. Micro Chaos rams Bender and both robots are sent into Refbot! Both robots continue to ram one another until Micro Chaos sends Bender near an empty CPZ. Bender attacks Micro Chaos and is sent into the rails while Micro Chaos activates the Pit. Both robots battle near the Pit when Micro Chaos sends himself sliding underneath the rails upside down and Refbot counts him out.
Round 2: Wheelchair Bot V Over Kill
Fight Details: Over Kill clashes with Wheelchair Bot in the arena's center. OK flips WB over  but WB is able to run either way. WB returns the favor by flipping OK over but like WB, OK can run upside down as well. OK races over to activate the Pit but falls short and for a few seconds becomes stuck. WB activates the Pit. OK sends WB flying across the arena. After several moments of flipping one another over and bashing each other around, he finally pushes WB into the Pit.
Round 3: Lifer V Hypnosis
Fight Details: Lifer meets Hypnosis in the center of the arena and tries to flip him over but fails. Hypnosis tries to deal some "damage" to Lifter but his blade is too high. Lifer makes another attempt to flip Hypnosis and succeeds but Hypnosis is designed to run upside down. Lifter rams Hypnosis and for a moment, it seems like Hypnosis' traction has been removed but somehow, his wheels touch the arena floor. He rights Hypnosis as time runs out. The Judges award Hypnosis the win by a 20-11 Decision!
Round 1: Quarter Pounder V Mauler
Fight Details: Both robots attack one another and Quarter Pounder is flipped over near Killalot's CPZ but self-rights. Mauler charges towards QP and is pushed onto the front of Refbot but slides off. He becomes stuck under the rails but frees himself and activates the Pit. QP and Mauler push one another close to the Pit before Mauler falls in.
Round 2: D.E.A.T.H V RA
Fight Details: RA and D.E.A.T.H. clash in the arena's center and RA wobbles around but remains on his wheels. This "cycle" repeats twice more. RA tries to attack DEATH and succeeds, sending D.E.A.T.H. across the arena floor, where he lands on his side. He rams D.E.A.T.H. and D.E.A.T.H.'s blade smacks the arena and causes him to right himself. D.E.A.T.H. attacks RA but is sent out of the arena, giving RA the win!
Round 3: Razler vs. Spin2Win
Fight Details: Razler meets Spin2Win in the arena's center where neither robot can take advantage of the other. Finally, Razler flips S2W over but S2W is able to run upside down as well. Razler rams S2W and nearly removes one of his wheels. He slams S2W, thereby removing the wheel completely. Razler then pushes S2W to Sgt Bash's CPZ then activates the Pit and moves him closer to the Pit. S2W tries reluctantly to escape but with only one wheel, there was no escape as he is pushed into the Pit.
Round 1: R.I.P. V Lifter
Fight Details: R.I.P. was unable to arrive at the arena so victory goes to Lifter!
Round 2: Hypnosis V I Maul U
Fight Details: I Maul U was unable to show for the match so Hypnosis is declared the winner!
Round 3: X-Treme Destruction V Your Worst Knightmare
Fight Details: X-Treme Destruction was unable to show for the match so Your Worst Knightmare is declared the winner!
Round 1: Flammin' Hot Bot V Over Kill
Fight Details: Both robots casually approach one another and become unable to get underneath one another. Over Kill finally gets underneath Flammin' Hot Bot, slams him into the rails, and flips himself over but is designed to run either way. FHB tries to get underneath Over Kill but with Over Kill's inverted wedge, his armor is completely removed! Both robots manage to flip each other a couple of times when Over Kill pushes FHB into the rails, activating the Pit. FHB tries to push Over Kill into the Pit but Over Kill shoves him in instead.
Round 2: Wheelchair Bot V BULLdozer
Fight Details: Wheelchair Bot and BULLdozer race towards one another and for some reason, BULL's weapon isn't functioning properly so WB flips him over immediately. Refbot comes out to check out BULL and counts him out. Killalot and Sgt. Bash dash towards the immobile BULL and Killalot pushes him onto the Flipper, which flips BULL back onto his wheels. He activates the Pit and Bash puts BULL into the Pit.
Round 3: Bender V Angler
Fight Details: Bender and Angler dash towards one another and Bender attacks Angler with his blade. Both robots start a pushing match until Angler lifts Bender into the air and back onto the arena floor. Angler races towards Bender and both robots clash, sending each other flying across the arena. They repeat this process several times including twice where Angler ends up under the Arena Rails. Angler activates the Pit and after several tries, Bender puts him in.
Round 1: Anto V Razler
Fight Details: Both robots attack one another but cannot shove the other around. Razler gets underneath Anto and slams him into the rails. Anto tries to strike back but is no match for Razler's agility and is slammed into the rails once more. Razler again gets underneath Anto and tips him over but Anto has a self-righting mechanism in the wheel and rights himself. He once again rams Anto into the rails and activates the Pit. Anto gets tipped on his other wheel, which has no way of self-righting him and Razler pushes him into the Pit and nearly falls in himself.
Round 2: Micro Chaos V S.A.W
Fight Details: Micro Chaos gets right underneath S.A.W. but does not flip him over. S.A.W. attempts to attack MC but MC flips him over. He tries again but MC flips him once again. This happens for the rest of the match with Micro Chaos taking the win.
Round 3: U Lose V Spin2Win
Fight Details: Spin2Win tries to use his wedge to get underneath U Lose and is flipped over yet is invertible so he continues the match. He gets underneath U Lose and slams him into the rails, activating the Pit. U Lose attempts to self-right but is pushed into the Pit by Spin2Win.