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Hexbug BattleBots Rivals Reviews

Hexbug continues to demonstrate high quality BattleBots toys as Minotaur is perfectly replicated here, complete with the blue LED light seen on the real robot. Plus the drum seems faster than the other two RC toys they released. Speaking of the drum, it seems thinner than it should be, which limits its range of attack. The magnets seem to be stronger than the ones on Tombstone's back panels, which should allow them to stay on with normal attacks. The lid on the other hand isn't held with magnets and may come off easily. Heck, I was able to dislodge it with Beta's hammer. Still, even with the minor issues, I feel this'll be another good one to play with.
The toy line's first hammerbot release and a good one to choose as Beta was quite successful after years of failure, both back in the Comedy Central days and the 1st season of the ABC reboot where American Airlines lost a bag of parts. The panels are held on strongly too and the way they got the hammer to fire with a spring is certainly interesting. It's unfortunate that the control board for the toy is at the back, which means there's no armor on that side but the hammer at least doesn't have to be fired continuously and can let the toy self-right if the toy is ever flipped while the hammer is in the fired position. Being a hammerbot, it is difficult to time hits but I confirmed that the hammer has enough power to knock panels off. Plus it seems the front panel is difficult to take off, making it ideal for when you want more control. One other side-effect for the location of the control board is the hammer's inability to be flat on the floor like it is in the fired position. In fact, its somewhere around 45 degrees, which I suppose can help with the timing. Of course, with the hammer hitting the floor, it may be best to battle with it on a rug but overall, it's going to be just as fun as Minotaur.
Having just gotten these for Christmas, I'm excited to finally have them in my hands after seeing them in action from various YouTube reviews and Toy Fair 2016 videos. Tombstone's RC replica is a great representation of the real robot down to the last detail and I can forgive the fact that the iconic blade is red instead of silver considering this is meant to be a kids toy. The weapon is also surprisingly fast and not connected to the drive wheels too, though I don't recommend putting your fingers too closely as it does hurt. Perhaps the only negative thing I can say is that the back panels aren't held in place that well and can come off from an impact that isn't on them directly. While the remote is small, it's still pretty easy to use, especially for turning.
                                    Witch Doctor
Perhaps just a bit better designed compared to Tombstone as it doesn't have the same problem with the panels, which are instead either slid into place at the front or held with weak magnets on top. Though I haven't tested either toy in a real battle yet, Witch Doctor already has somewhat of an advantage with the front scoop, though isn't going to be able to throw its opponents several feet into the air. The lack of four wheel drive isn't that big a deal since it does make for easier control. Both toys don't have a way of being knocked out like the old toys though so you kinda have to make your own rules. If we get a flipper though as was planned with Bronco but has yet to pan out, then Witch Doctor can be knocked out. Still, I look forward to any others that come up as time passes.