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My Yu-Gi-Oh Duel to Survive Game


The way to play this game isn't too difficult. It starts they way you would normally start a duel and is played almost the same way. The only difference is that when you take damage, you roll a die and divide the damage (including Effect damage) you take by the number on the die. If the result is 1, you take the full amount. If the amount of damage is a decimal, round up or down, depending on whether it's closer to the next number or the previous number and subtract that amount from the player taking damage.


You can, instead, activate a card in response to the damage or the attack, like any normal Duel.

Do NOT roll a die if:

A: Your monster's ATK = your opponent's monster's ATK (or vice-versa).

B: Your opponent's monster's ATK > the DEF of your Defense Position monster (or vice-versa). That's about all there is to know for this game.

 Ruling Questions If you have questions about how certain cards would work in this game that I don't have rulings for on here, feel free to let me know (though read the gameplay rules first) via my Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia Account.