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Yu-Gi-Oh Bypass

Gameplay Players begin like any normal duel, drawing 5 cards. The Turn Player, then follows normal Dueling rules, only this time, Extra Deck monsters or monsters with summoning requirements are included.
General Rules
1. Monsters with summoning requirements (written or unwritten) cannot attack or use their effects the turn they are Summoned.

2. Link Monsters and Xyz Monsters have Levels. A Link Monster's Level is equal to twice its Link Rating (a Link Rating of 2 becomes Level 4). An Xyz Monster's Level equals its printed Rank.

3. Monsters with 4000 or more ATK that have summoning requirements only deal half the battle damage.
4. As this game bypasses normal Yu-Gi-Oh rules, monsters Normal Summoned in the game that have summoning requirements cannot be revived later.

5. Players can only have up to 5 Extra Deck monsters in their Main Deck.