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Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Season 2 Episodes

Signs of Doom (3)
Episode 64 With Jack down to 1 Life Point, he loses the advantage he had with his Trap Card so Yusei brings out a brand new Synchro Monster but will it be enough to defeat Goodwin?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/signs-of-doom-part-3/501
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Signs of Doom (2)
Episode 63 Not only are Goodwin's Moon Dragon and Sun Dragon proving difficult to keep down, Goodwin brings out his Earthbound Immortal with the power to reduce everyone else's Life Points to 1!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/signs-of-doom-part-2/495
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Signs of Doom (1)
Episode 62 The final signer is revealed to be Goodwin himself and he decides to take their Signer marks for himself! With the Beast of the Netherworld approaching, can Yusei, Jack and Crow take down Goodwin before it's too late?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/signs-of-doom-part-1/505
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Truth and Consequences (2)
Episode 61 As Akiza Duels Misty, she's led to various mirrored locations but Misty's lockdown strategy is making things difficult for Akiza to make any moves at all!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/truth-and-consequences-part-2/504
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Truth and Consequences (1)
Episode 60 Akiza gets a rematch against Misty, whom is still bitter about what she believes Akiza is did to her brother!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/truth-and-consequences-part-1/508
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Shadows of Doubt (2)
Episode 59 Jack stares down Carly's new Earthbound Immortal with the ability to destroy every monster on the field when removed from the field! Is there any way Jack can stop it before it's too late?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/shadows-of-doubt-part-2/509
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Shadows of Doubt (1)
Episode 58 With Carly a Dark Signer, Jack is eager to set her free but her new Deck puts Jack in a tight spot.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/shadows-of-doubt-part-1/511
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Destiny's Will (2)
Episode 57 Yusei brings out his signature Synchro Monster but Roman is prepared with support cards for his Earthbound Immortal. Will Yusei's Synchro Monster come out on top?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/destinys-will-part-2/513
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Destiny's Will (1)
Episode 56 Yusei must fight against Roman once more but will he fare any better than last time?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/destinys-will-part-1/503
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A Score to Settle (2)
Episode 55 Up against Kalin's Infernity strategy, Yusei struggles to counter Kalin's effects, especially when Kalin brings out his Dark Synchro Monster!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-score-to-settle-part-2/515
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A Score to Settle (1)
Episode 54 Despite his fears, Yusei is ready to have a rematch against Kalin but is he truly ready to see the Earthbound Immortal again and how will he take it down once and for all?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-score-to-settle-part-1/502
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Whale of a Ride (3)
Episode 53 Crow takes down Greiger's Dark Flattop, only to allow Greiger to bring out his Earthbound Immortal, which can dish out significant damage each turn!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-whale-of-a-ride-part-3/507
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Whale of a Ride (2)
Episode 52 Greiger brings out his most powerful WW2 airplane monster but after Crow takes it down with a Blackwing Synchro, he now faces Greiger's Dark Synchro Monster with 3000 DEF.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-whale-of-a-ride-part-2/506
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Whale of a Ride (1)
Episode 51 The Dark Signers take advantage of Greiger's situation with his family by making him a Dark Signer and Crow is up to the challenge but how will he fair against a Dark Synchro Monster?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-whale-of-a-ride-part-1/517
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Mark of the Monkey (4)
Episode 50 Just when it looks like Leo will win, Devak brings out his Earthbound Immortal, putting everyone nearby in danger.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-monkey-part-4/510
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Mark of the Monkey (3)
Episode 49 While Luna and Torunka battle their world's leader, Leo struggles with Devak's Dark Synchro Monster.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-monkey-part-3/512
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Mark of the Monkey (2)
Episode 48 Leo brings out his signature dragon but it's no match for Devak's Dark Synchro Monster. How will Leo overcome Devak's strategy?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-monkey-part-2/514
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Mark of the Monkey (1)
Episode 47 With Luna residing in the Spirit World, Leo opts to Duel in her place but finds it hard to fight back against Devak's cards.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-monkey-part-1/516
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Mark of the Spider (2)
Episode 46 Roman brings out his Earthbound Immortal, which can gain control of the opponent's monsters and boasts 3000 ATK and DEF. What can Yusei do to prevent Roman from gaining control of his monsters and/or winning the Duel?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-spider-part-2/518
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Mark of the Spider (1)
Episode 45 Yusei faces off against Roman Goodwin and refuses to believe the lies Roman tells him but Romin brings out his Dark Synchro Monster to put Yusei at risk of defeat.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mark-of-the-spider-part-1/524
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Surely You Jest (2)
Episode 44 Lazar continues to have the upper hand but nothing he says convinces Crow about not being a Dark Signer. Will Crow win out and defeat Lazar, both mentally and physically?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/surely-you-jest-part-2/538
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Surely You Jest (1)
Episode 43 Crow goes after Lazar, believing he's one of the Dark Signers but ends up facing a strategy that locks him out of Synchro Summoning.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/surely-you-jest-part-1/537
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Signs of Time
Episode 42 Rex Goodwin shares the story of the Dark Signers but what can Yusei and the others do to stop their rampage?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-signs-of-time/536
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Clash of the Dragons (2)
Episode 41 With Akiza still an emotional and physical wreck, how can Yusei convince her to control her powers rather than to lash out at anyone that opposes her?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/clash-of-the-dragons-part-2/535
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Clash of the Dragons (1)
Episode 40 Akiza resides in the hospital and it's up to Yusei to make things right in spite of his fears. When she comes to, Akiza isn't willing to listen, nor does she know how to control her powers.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/clash-of-the-dragons-part-1/522
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Digging Deeper (3)
Episode 39 Akiza isn't getting through to Misty, nor is she getting any closer to solving what went down but Misty brings out her Earthbound Immortal, forcing Akiza to step up her game.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/digging-deeper-part-3/534
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Digging Deeper (2)
Episode 38 Misty Tredwell becomes a Dark Signer and takes it out on Akiza for what happened to her brother. Will Akiza be able to defeat her and show her the truth?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/digging-deeper-part-2/533
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Digging Deeper (1)
Episode 37 After losing her previous footage from Yusei's Duel against Grady, Carly feels a coverup is underway with the Arcadia Movement and decides to investigate, only to find a world of trouble as Sayer refuses to let her leave with her discoveries and forces her to Duel her way out instead.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/digging-deeper-part-1/532
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Supersensory Shakedown
Episode 36 Leo is mistaken for being a Signer by Sayer, a good friend of Akiza, and forced to Duel with his very life!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/supersensory-shakedown/531
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Dark Signs (4)
Episode 35 Just when Yusei takes down Kalin's Dark Synchro Monster, Kalin is able to bring out his new ace monster, an Earthbound Immortal!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dark-signs-part-4/530
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Dark Signs (3)
Episode 34 Kalin brings out his own Dark Synchro Monster, One Hundred-Eyed Dragon, which can take on the effects of monsters in Kalin's Graveyard. What chance does Yusei have against a monster that also has 3000 ATK?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dark-signs-part-3/529
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Dark Signs (2)
Episode 33 Yusei faces off against Kalin, determined to help Kalin see where he went wrong but Kalin isn't listening and is determined to make Yusei pay!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dark-signs-part-2/528
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Dark Signs (1)
Episode 32 Kalin, a friend of Yusei, Jack and Crow from their days as The Enforcers, has returned as a Dark Signer seeking revenge on Yusei for how he was treated the day he was arrested. Can Yusei convince him of what really went down?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dark-signs-part-1/527
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The Reunion Duel
Episode 31 Sector Security finds Crow so Yusei opts to Duel alongside him but can they overpower their opponent, whom has an updated version of the monster that locked Yusei out of gaining Speed Counters?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-reunion-duel/526
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Fight or Flight
Episode 30 Now it's Crow's turn to face the law using his Blackwings. Will Crow be as lucky as Yusei or can he prove his skills and take down Sector Security officers?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/fight-or-flight/525
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Good Cop, Bad Cop
Episode 29 Officer Trudge becomes corrupted by the Dark Signers, leaving Carly and Jack to Duel against him. Can the two of them overcome the wrong arm of the law and the real damage he inflicts?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/good-cop-bad-cop/523
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A Web of Deceit (2)
Episode 28 Yusei contends with Grady, a Duelist using Dark Tuner and Dark Synchro Monsters with negative Levels and very powerful effects. Does Yusei have what it takes to defeat his first Dark Signer opponent?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-web-of-deceit-part-2/521
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A Web of Deceit (1)
Episode 27 A new threat emerges as Yusei faces off against a Duelist whose Summoning method is unlike anything seen before. Meanwhile, Carly needs the scoop of a lifetime or she's fired! Will she be able to find one in time?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-web-of-deceit-part-1/520
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