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Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Season 1 Episodes

Graduation Match (2)
Episode 52 Jaden finally gets back on track but now must take down the same Duelist he failed to do the first time.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-graduation-match-part-2/334
Graduation Match (1)
Episode 51 As a final farewell, Jaden agrees to have a rematch against Zane before he graduates from Duel Academy. However, Jaden's head is not in the game and he starts falling behind. Can Jaden figure out what's going on and fix it before it's too late?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-graduation-match-part-1/333
Magna Chum Laude
Episode 50 After seeing Chumley's entry for the art contest, Maximillion Pegasus invites Chumley to join him in making more cards at his company but Crowler refuses unless Chumley can defeat him in a Duel. Can Chumley succeed where he has failed so often?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/magna-chum-laude/364
Rise of the Sacred Beasts (2)
Episode 49 Jaden stares down all 3 Sacred Beasts and must now take them all down before they take him out.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/rise-of-the-sacred-beasts-part-2/363
Rise of the Sacred Beasts (1)
Episode 48 Kagemaru has returned to reclaim the Sacred Beast cards, cards so powerful they can drain the spirits of cards away and reuse their energy to make himself younger. Will Jaden stop him before any harm can be caused?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/rise-of-the-sacred-beasts-part-1/362
Episode 47 Chazz admits feelings for Alexis and with some help from Atticus, he gets Alexis to Duel her for the right to become his girlfriend. Will Chazz win over Alexis' heart?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/chazz-anova/361
Amnael's End Game (2)
Episode 46 Jaden's moves are constantly beintg blocked while he has no answers to anything Amanel plays. Is there anything Jaden can do to counter Amnael's strategy?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/amnaels-endgame-part-2/360
Amnael's End Game (1)
Episode 45 Banner is found and so is his cat but the reunion is bittersweet as Banner now wants to test Jaden and does everything in his power to ensure Jaden loses.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/amnaels-endgame-part-1/359
The Seventh Shadow Rider
Episode 44 Professor Banner goes missing and takes down Chazz and Alexis before capturing them in his book. Will Jaden and the others solve the mystery and get their friends back?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-seventh-shadow-rider/358
Hearts Are Wild
Episode 43  Pierre the Gambler arrives at Duel Academy and Alexis is eager to Duel him to regain what he'd stolen from her all those years ago.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/hearts-are-wild/357
Duel Monsters Spirit Day
Episode 42 Duelists gather for a special treat where Dark Magician Girl will Duel but with the usual cosplayer unable to fit the bill, the real Dark Magician Girl arrives to take their place and Jaden is chosen to Duel her but every move he makes is met with crowd disapproval.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/duel-monsters-spirit-day/356
A Reason to Win
Episode 41 Titan returns and takes Alexis prisoner but this time to Duel him herself. With darkness all around and in front of her, can Alexis see through to victory?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/a-reason-to-win/355
A Lying Legend
Episode 40 Banner teaches the students about a Duelist that had never lost but Jaden and others find out the hard way he wasn't all he claimed to be.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/a-lying-legend/380
The Dark Scorpions
Episode 39 With two of the Spirit Gates already opened, the group cannot afford to lose any more keys so help is enlisted to ensire their safety. Are these helpers all they claim to be or is there a darker truth hidden within them?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-dark-scorpions/379
Get Yarr Game On!
Episode 38 A sea Duelist named the Admiral arrives to Duel Jaden for the proposition of leaving Duel Academy for good to join his opponent below the waves. Will Jaden give into the temptation or will he resist and work to earn his freedom?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/get-yarr-game-on/378
Duel Distractions (2)
Episode 37 Bastion's love interest in Tanya throws him off his game and he loses, leaving Jaden to finish the job and take her down himself. Can Jaden finish what Bastion started?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/duel-distractions-part-2/377
Duel Distractions (1)
Episode 36 The third Shadow Rider arrives and she too is looking for romance but for fighting and elects Bastion, whom must now Duel to earn that right. Will he have the skills to win?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/duel-distractions-part-1/376
Sibling Rivalry
Episode 35 As punishment for disobeying his brothers, Chazz is forced to Duel one of them but with a distinct disadvantage of only monsters with 500 or less ATK while his brothers use the rare cards he declined to use in the School Duel. What chance does Chazz have to win?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/sibling-rivalry/375
The Fear Factor
Episode 34 Jaden's nightmare soon becomes a reality as he's forced to Duel against the spirit of Kaibaman and face the same monster that haunted him in his dreams.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-fear-factor/374
Field of Screams (3)
Episode 33 With Zane also defeated, Jaden steps up to Duel Camula with his Spirit Key on the line, How will Jaden take down the Duelist that defeated the one opponent he could not?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/field-of-screams-part-3/373
Field of Screams (2)
Episode 32 Camula returns for round 2, this time going after Zane Truesdale. Will Zane fare any better than Crowler did?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/field-of-screams-part-2/372
Field of Screams (1)
Episode 31 The 2nd Shadow Rider arrives and she's out for someone to convert into a doll when she wins. Will her chosen opponent end up paying the price?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/field-of-screams-part-1/371
Doomsday Duel (2)
Episode 30 As Chumley and Syrus remain in major peril, so does Jaden thanks to Nightshroud's Red-Eyes Deck. Can Jaden win the Duel and save Syrus and Chumley before it's too late?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/doomsday-day-part-2/370
Doomsday Duel (1)
Episode 29 The Shadow Riders arrive and for Jaden, he's their first target as his friends are captured as incentive to Duel for his Spirit Key.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/doomsday-day-part-1/369
Grave Risk (2)
Episode 28 Jaden's moves are being countered every step of the way by the Chief's Gravekeeper's Deck. What can Jaden possibly do to win?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/grave-risk-part-2/368
Grave Risk (1)
Episode 27 The gang end up taking a field trip to the home of the Gravekeeper's and find the Chief is in no mood for forgiveness unless Jaden can win everyone's freedom in a Duel by beating the Chief.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/grave-risk-part-1/367
School Duel (2)
Episode 26 Chazz's Armed Dragons continue to decimate Jaden's field. Does Jaden have anything capable of taking them down?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-school-duel-part-2/366
School Duel (1)
Episode 25 Jaden squares off against Chazz and his new Deck but Chazz isn't willing to use the cards his brothers want him to. Will it be enough to take down Jaden?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-school-duel-part-1/312
The New Chazz
Episode 24 Having lost to Bastion, Chazz heads to North Academy but finds he must build a completely new Deck using cards scattered around the area. Will Chazz create a Deck of any kind and be able to win?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-new-chazz/332
The Little Belowski
Episode 23 Dr. Crowler releases a student locked up for being too dangerous for the general public in hopes Jaden will be affected by his student's spell. Will Jaden overcome the spell or be snoozing with the others?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-little-belowski/331
The Duel-Off (2)
Episode 22 With no ability to Fusion Summon, Jaden is forced to make a new strategy but how can Jaden win without the ability to Fusion Summon?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-duel-off-part-2/330
The Duel-Off (1)
Episode 21 A Duel is made to determine whether Bastion or Jaden face North Academy's chosen Duelist but Jaden is soon facing a major setback when he cannot even do what his Deck is most capable of doing.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-duel-off-part-1/329
The Maiden in Love
Episode 20 A new student sneaks into Zane's room but finds to have a crush on Jaden as well. Who is she and is there anything that can be done to stop her?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-maiden-in-love/328
The King of Copycats (2)
Episode 19 Jaden struggles against monsters that served the great Atem well as the copy is proving to use them just as Yami would've. Is there any way Jaden can turn the Duel around?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-king-of-copycats-part-2/327
The King of Copycats (1)
Episode 18 A replica of Yugi's Deck is stolen by someone pretending to be him. Can Jaden defeat the Deck that has virtually never lost?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-king-of-copycats-part-1/326
Nature of the Draw
Episode 17 Someone is stealing the Eggwitch, a sandwich with an egg yolk inside that is rumored to be tasty but the true surprise comes when they find out his way of Dueling.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/nature-of-the-draw/325
The Duel Giant
Episode 16 A mystery Duelist roams the forest at night to defeat other Duelists and take their best cards. However, Jaden manages to find them and risks trouble should anyone find out he's Dueling after dark.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-duel-giant/365
Courting Alexis
Episode 15 Jaden is brought to the tennis courts as punishment but also is forced to Duel an opponent that is just as skilled in Dueling as he is on the court.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/courting-alexis/381
A Spirit Summoned
Episode 14 A Duel Spirit named Jinzo emerges and drains the energy of everyone it defeats but Jaden wants all the students back but does he have what it takes to win?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/a-spirit-summoned/392
Monkey See, Monkey Duel
Episode 13 A monkey wearing equippment escapes from a lab and holds Jasmine hostage until Jaden agrees to Duel it. Will Jaden prove to have more Dueling skills than a monkey wearing a helmet?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/monkey-see-monkey-duel/382
Formula for Success
Episode 12 Chazz is demoted to Slifer Red and wants the chance to return to Obelisk Blue so he challenges Bastion to a Duel but finds the winning formula always seems to be out of his reach. Is there any way Chazz can make a comeback?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/formula-for-success/383
Tag-Team Trial (2)
Episode 11 Jaden and Syrus take down Para and Dox's mighty behemoth with teamwork but find their opponent's new monster is much harder to defeat. Can Jaden and Syrus find a way to win in spite of Para and Dox's upgraded monster?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/tag-team-trial-part-2/384
Tag-Team Trial (1)
Episode 10 The big day has arrived but Syrus still lacks confidence and that fear proves justified when Para and Dox bring out an old favorite from their Duel with Yami and Joey.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/tag-team-trial-part-1/385
Family Business
Episode 9 Chumley faces trouble from his dad, whom is willing to take him out of Duel Academy i if he loses to his own dad in a Duel.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/family-business/386
For the Sake of Syrus
Episode 8 Zane's words leave Syrus with little-to-no confidence and with their Tag-Team match coming up, Jaden opts to Duel Zane to convince him to back off.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/for-the-sake-of-syrus/387
Duel and Unusual Punishment
Episode 7 Being at the Abandoned Dorm has prompted trouble for Jaden and Syrus but they're given a chance to redeem themselves if they can defeat a well-known tag-team match-up.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/duel-and-unusual-punishment/395
The Shadow Duelist (2)
Episode 6 Jaden struggles against Titan's army of Archfiends, some of which can even negate the very cards he needs to play. Can Jaden find a way around their effects?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-shadow-duelist-part-2/388
The Shadow Duelist (1)
Episode 5 Crowler hires a Duelist named Titan to take Jaden down as well as get Jaden expelled for visiting the Abandoned Dorm.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-shadow-duelist-part-1/389
Making the Grade
Episode 4 As part of Promotion Exams, Jaden is given a rematch against Chazz, whom proves tougher than before but Jaden has a few aces of his own up his sleeve.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/raring-to-go/390
A Duel in Love
Episode 3 As revenge, Crowler seeks to frame Jaden by coercing him to visit the Obelisk Blue dorm at night while the girls are bathing but gets an unexpected setback that leaves Jaden with a Duel that either sets him free or has him expelled.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/a-duel-in-love/391
Welcome to Duel Academy
Episode 2 Having beaten Dr. Crowler, Jaden learns more about the school he's attending but Chazz Princeton from Obelisk Blue wants to see if Jaden's win over Crowler was a fluke or not.

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/welcome-to-duel-academy/394
The Next King of Games
Episode 1 Jaden Yuki is running late to take his entrance exam. Will he make it in time and pass his exam?

Watch here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-gx/the-next-king-of-games/393