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BattleBots News

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8/10/21 This year's HEXBUG BattleBots toys are revealed and reviews have been posted online.
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BattleBots Season 6 is also confirmed to film August 23 through September 4 2021 at Las Vegas, NV.
12/15/20 After filming in October, BattleBots is back on TV for Season 5.
4/12/20 BattleBots postpones the 2020 event due to the Coronavirus. (Info below the postponement news is not relevent for the time being.)
3/11/20 HEXBUG confirms 2 new BattleBots RC toys. 
News: BattleBots is confirmed to be taped this year and airing May 15, 2020.
Source(s): Season 5 Taping Info
2/18/19 News: HEXBUG unveils new BattleBots toys for release.
Source(s): YouTube: 2019 Toy Fair BattleBots Toys
7/10/18 News: On this exact day in 2001, BattleBots Season 3.0 premiered on Comedy Central.
Source(s): Various TV ads and news from that day.
2/19/18 News: 1st off, Discovery is airing the 3rd season of BattleBots with Science Channel airing reruns with bonus content.
Source(s): BattleBots Season 3 Press Release
News: This year, HEXBUG plans to release not only an RC Bronco and HyperShock but also customizable RC BattleBots toys.
Source(s): YouTube: HEXBUG 2018 NYTF BattleBots Toys (There's also a 2nd video too!)
7/13/17 News: BattleBots is airing on Science Channel now starting with Season 1 from ABC's reboot.
Source(s): Local listings or BattleBots Facebook page.
6/23/16 News: Battlebots Season 2 on ABC premiering tonight.
Source(s): Cable Listings
News: This video of the HEXBUG Battlebots toys has appeared.
Source(s): Facebook: Battlebots HEXBUG Toys Sneak Peek
4/28/16 News: Battlebots Season 2 on ABC premieres June 23, 2016 with a preview May 10.
Source(s): Season 2 Premieres on June 23
News: Said preview trailer is here.
Source(s): Facebook: Battlebots Season 2 Preview Trailer
2/18/16 News: Toys are being made from the ABC reboot.
Source(s): YouTube: HEXBUG Battlebots Toy Fair 2016 First Look (There are additional videos also)
1/10/16 News: Battlebots reboot confirmed for 2nd season.
Source(s): Redcarpetcrash: Battlebots Reboot 2nd Season Confirmed
4/19/15 News: Been a while, huh? As you can see, if you even remember this page of my site, it's gotten quite the overhaul. Plus there's already news of Battlebots returning to TV this summer.
Source(s): Battlebots Returning To TV
News: Plus now we have an airdate of June 21, 2015.
Source(s): Battlebots Set to Air June 21, 2015
11/1/08 News: website updated.
Source(s): New Homepage
3/1/08 News: My Battlebots Tournament finals are next week! Note that only one battle will take place and my arena will be worked on the following week. Also, Battlebots is making a deal with ESPN.
Source(s): Battlebots MakesDeal with ESPN
2/23/08 News: My Battlebots tournament will resume tonight at 7:00 PM. I have also moved my tournament's timeslot to Saturday at 7:00 PM for more convenience with my bowling tournament.
Source(s): This website
1/16/08 News: I actually discovered this earlier but I have discovered that has been HACKED.
Source(s): Hacked Homepage (Click on a weight class then any one of the Battlebots listed and finally visit its matches and videos by clicking "Matches and Videos".)
12/22/07 News: Found more matches and from what looks to be Season 1.0.
Source(s): YouTube: Battlebots Season 1.0 Matches
11/29/07 News: I apologize for the lack of matches. That would be due to the fact that I have a bowling tournament on Friday nights and it ends after I would normally add matches. Unfortunately, I may just wait until this tournament ends before adding matches.
Source(s): YouTube: Battlebots Season 1.0 Match 1
News: Battlebots is being hosted on a website, which has ALL of the matches.
Source(s): RFSHQ!.Com: Battlebots Episodes
8/3/07 News:  More battles start tonight!
Source(s): This website
7/31/07 News: Battlebots on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight at 8PM EST.
Source(s): Directv: Battlebots CSI Episode
7/28/07 News: Found more Battlebots Vids.
Source(s): Battlebots Matches
News: Battlebots matches will resume this Friday since while I was able to do them, I couldn't post the matches on my site due to Windows XP's unexpected crash.
Source(s): This webiste
6/22/07 News: I know I haven't done any Battlebots matches but I plan to start doing them again next Friday. I found more Battlebots matches (note: they're in Spanish) but still worth watching
Source(s): YouTube: Snicker25 Battlebots Spanish Matches (They're the ones with Battlebots in the title).
5/29/07 News: Found yet another Battlebots Vid.
Source(s): Google Video: Battlebots Building a Robot in 43 Seconds
4/30/07 News:  I had an online conversation with Gage Cauchois (builder of Vlad the Impaler, Vladiator and Vlad the Impaler II). He has videos of his bot Vlad and Vlad II on his site!
Source(s): Homepage
4/14/07 News: More Battlebots matches found.
Source(s): Myspace Video: Battlebots Matches (You're probably going to have to get a MySpace account to view them.)
4/13/07 News: Found more Battlebots matches.
Source(s): Aol Videos: Battlebots Biohazard vs. Nightmare Season 4.0
11/17/06 News: I found Battlebots videos on Google Video.
Source(s): Google Video: Battlebots Prelude to Battle
8/25/06 News: The Battlebots website has just been updated with more news.
Source(s): Latest News
News: My BattleBots Arena is ready for the tournament tonight at 8PM.
Source(s): This website
8/18/06 News: My next BattleBots tournament will start next Friday at 8PM as I'm upgrading the arena.
Source(s): This website
8/10/06 News: I have found several BattleBots videos and they feature entire fights.
Source(s):: Chinkilla Season 3.0 Rumble and Battlebots Matches
(They're at the bottom of the page in the second link.)
8/9/06 News: BattleBots is not truly gone as their site is still up, probably due to the BattleBots IQ but  it's still there, barely active.
Source(s): Battlebots website
7/14/06 News: I apologize for the lack of fight coverage. I've been forgetting that I had matches to do. Read the newest matches tonight at 8:30PM. I will try to get back to doing matches every Friday at 8:00PM.
Source(s): This website
5/23/06 News: My BattleBots Tournament starts at a new night-Fridays at 8pm!
Source(s): This website
4/3/06 News: My BattleBots Tournament ends next Tuesday at 8pm. The next tournament also starts next Tuesday at 8pm.
Source(s): This website
3/27/06 News: My BattleBots Semi-Finals starts tomorrow at 8pm. The Semi's and Finals would be going on tomorrow but I found out that another fight must be done first.
Source(s): This website
3/14/06 News: The Semi-Finals of my BattleBots Tournament starts next Tuesday at 8pm!
Source(s): This website
2/27/06 News: BREAKING NEWS! I found the old BattleBots section of the site on Comedy Central.
Source(s): Old Comedy Central Battlebots Site
2/24/06 News: BattleBots IQ is expected to start the week of April 26-30.
Source(s): Next Event is Week of April 26-30
2/21/06 News: After a long delay, my BattleBots Tournament is back under way. Look for new BattleBots fights every Tuesday at 8pm.
Source(s): This website
2/18/06 News: My BattleBots Arena is just about ready for some Robot Fightin' Time!
Source(s): This website