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Yu-Gi-Oh Abbot and Costello Parody


"Hey Joey, did you hear about the Duel yesterday?" asked Yugi.
"No, Yug. What happened?" answered Joey.
"Some guy was Dueling and he played Something in Attack Mode," explained Yugi.
"Didn't the monster have a name?" questioned Joey.
"It did," confirmed Yugi.
"What was it?" asked Joey.
"I told you, Something," repeated Yugi.
"Aw never mind. What else happened?" requested Joey.
"Well that guy activated Something Else," continued Yugi.
"Do you remember the name?" asked Joey.
"It was Something Else," explained Yugi.
"No, no, no. What was the name of the card he activated?" protested Joey.
"Something Else," echoed Yugi.
"Ahh! Did that guy use any Trap Cards?" remarked Joey.
"He did," stated Yugi.
"What were their names?" requested Joey.
"I'm Telling You," replied Yugi.
"What were their names?" questioned Joey.
"I'm Telling You," repeated Yugi.
"Well, what were their names?" echoed Joey.
"I'm Telling You," answered Yugi.
"When?" requested Joey.
"Right now," assured Yugi.
"Okay, so what are they?" replied Joey.
"I'm Telling You," insisted Yugi.
"Aw forget it!" exclaimed Joey.