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The 1st fan-made BattleBots tournament.

1. Fights shown are from oldest (bottom) to newest (top).
Round 9: Killerhurtz vs. Mauler 5150
Fight Details: Killerhurtz and Mauler emerge from their squares and attack one another. Killerhurtz pecks Mauler with his axe but does no damage. Killerhurtz takes a ride over the Killsaws. Both bots ram one another and the hit is so large that one of Mauler's "spinner attachments" comes off. Mauler then just misses being hit from the Pulverizors and he slips away. The following hit flips Mauler over and he takes a hit from the Pulverizors. Once Mauler rights himself he attacks Killerhurtz and lands on his side, unable to tip himself back over and Killerhurtz is declared the winner by KO!
Round 8: Tazbot vs. Dreadnaught
Fight Details: Both bots come charging out of their squares and Tazbot makes the first hit but Dreadnaught is unscathed. TB continues to attack with his grabbing arm until his "grabber attachment" comes off and goes flying out of the arena. Despite this, TB continues towards DN and he pushes DN under the Pulverizors where DN's weapon comes off. TB takes a few hits from the Pulverizors but only suffers light damage. At this point, DN is suffering major damage from the Pulverizors and TB as he falls apart. Time runs out as DN gets TB flipped over, TB rights himself and attacks DN once more. TB wins by Judges Decision!
Round 7: The Devil vs. Ziggo
Fight Details: Ziggo and The Devil casually come towards one another. Ziggo takes a couple of shots from the Pulverizors. TD takes a ride from the Killsaws but suffers no damage. Ziggo attacks TD, who stops moving and takes him towards the Pulverizors, which miraculously, revive TD and he continues moving. He doesn't get too far when he rams Ziggo and again stops moving. Ziggo shoves him under the Pulverizors but the hammer's head doesn't hit TD. TD is pushed by Ziggo further against the wall and is counted out. Ziggo wins by KO!
Round 6: MechaVore vs. Afterthought 3.0
Fight Details:
Both bots ram repeatedly into one another dealing no damage. Afterthought takes a couple shots from the Killsaws. Afterwards, both bots end up somehow disabled but MechaVore is able to self-right and the Killsaws get Afterthought back onto his wheels as well. Following this are a series of hits by Mechavore as Afterthought's teeth from his blade are removed tooth by tooth from each hit performed by MechaVore. The next hit not only "breaks off" Afterthought's blade and another tooth but removes 1 of MechaVore's wheels and he lands upside down. Time runs out as MechaVore is flipped over and Afterthought becomes disabled. By Judges Decision, MechaVore is declared the winner!
Round 5: Firestorm vs. Deadblow
Fight Details: Deadblow and Firestorm clash in the arena's center and DB's wedge is pushed upwards. They ram each other again and DB's wedge goes underneath him. FS gets underneath DB and takes him towards the Pulverizors. DB and FS take a hit from the Killsaws as DB gets underneath FS and drives under the Pulverizor but takes hits from the Killsaws as FS is hammered by the Pulverizors. At this point, FS's flipper becomes disabled. Following this DB's wedge comes off but he continues running. Finally, he and FS smack each other with such force that FS flips over and becomes disabled givng DB the win by KO!
Round 4: Diesector vs. Nightmare
Fight Details: The match begins as Diesector charges towards Nightmare and tips him onto his side. Luckily for Nightmare, he has a self-righter and tips back onto his wheels. Not long after, Diesector races at Nightmareand knocks him onto his back and disables his blade and his ability to right, thus giving Diesector the victory by KO!
Round 3: Chaos 2 vs. Techno Destructo
Fight Details:
Chaos 2 and Techno Destructo emerge from their squares only to have Chaos 2 get underneath Techno Destructo. Both bots clash again and Chaos 2 pries up Techno Destructo's flipper attachment. Chaos 2 attempts to flip Techno Destructo over but fails as Techno Destructo ends up under the Pulverizors and suffers severe damage. The match continues and Techno Destructo is falling apart and stops moving, giving Chaos 2 the victory by KO!
Round 2: Minion vs. Atomic 2
Fight Details:
Both bots casually approach one another. Minion charges towards Atomic 2 only to ride up and over him. The following hit sends one of Minion's side panels and his blade flying out of the arena. Minion tries to deal damage to Atomic 2 but his righting mechanism flies off. Finally, Minion once again rams Atomic 2 and manages to knock off Atomic 2's top cover, but flips over and is unable to self-right. Atomic 2 wins by KO!
Round 1: Toro vs. Hazard
Fight Details: Hazard and Toro meet in the center and Toro attempts to flip Hazard over but his weapon becomes disabled. They clash again and Toro's weapon pops back into place. Toro tries again and his weapon again becomes disabled. Hazard attacks Toro and fully disables Toro's weapon. Toro strikes back and takes out half of Hazard's wedge. Both bots continue to hit one another in the center until Toro is sent near the corner of the Pulverizors and on his side. He is counted out and Hazard is declared the winner by KO!