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Promo Card Ratings
Individual cards released for special occasions

GX1-EN001 to WC6-EN003 (Page 4)
GX Duel Academy Video Game (GX1-EN)
Sneak Preview Cards Series 1 (SP1-EN)
Nightmare Troubadour Video Game (NTR-EN)
Master Collection Volume 2 (MC2-EN)
Yu-Gi-Oh Anti-Manga (YMA-EN)
Shonen Jump Magazine (JMP-EN)
World Championship 2006 Video Game (WC6-EN)
EP1-EN008 to SP1-EN002 (Page 3)
Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie Exclusive Pack (EP1-EN)
Master Collection Volume 1 (MC1-EN)
Structure Deck: Zombie Madness Deluxe Edition (SD2-ENDE)
Collector's Tins 2005 (CT2-EN)
World Championship 2005 Video Game(WC5-EN)
Sneak Preview Cards Series 1 (SP1-EN)
CMC-EN001 to EP1-EN007 (Page 2)
Capsule Monster Colosseum Video Game (CMC-EN)
Collector's Tins 2004 (CT1-EN)
Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie Entry Pack(MOV-EN)
Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie Exclusive Pack (EP1-EN)
PCY-E001 to DBT-EN003 (Page 1)
Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny Video Game (Europe release)(PCY-E)
Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge Video Game (PCK)
Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion Video Game (PCJ-EN)
Reschef of Destruction Video Game (ROD-EN)
Dawn of Destiny Video Game (DOD-EN)
Destiny Board Traveler Video Game (DBT-EN)